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primary and secondary education

FOOD in the media arts
iaw Nou & Herkauw


Primary education
Looking, listening and doing is the focus in the offer for primary schools. With the help of three installations students are familiarised with the world of media art.

The program consists of a preparatory lesson given by the teacher himself. Knowledge is created with the concept of ‘media art’ and a number of works from the exhibition are shown and explained. Later, the theme FOOD is addressed and there is a self-portrait made by the pupils of the food they eat everyday. These will be used later during the visit to the festival.

The visit to the festival consists of the following components:
A tour of the exhibition where the previously discussed works can be seen in real life. There followed three program components. In Dansen met Poppetje (Dancing with Dolls)  the portraits are brought to life! On a big screen, the dolls follow every move of the pupil. They may even join the dance! In the part Giga Robo, the students create their own movie.

Secondary education
For vocational and secondary vocational education, there are guided tours of the exhibition. These are taught by experienced guides with a teacher’s background.

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