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Media Art Friesland brings together expertise in the field of media arts and brings this art form to the attention of a wide audience. With the organization of the annual Media Art Festival, the foundation creates a platform for young, recently graduated talents in media arts and invites renowned national and foreign artists to present their work. Media Art Festival (MAF) is the only festival for media art in the north of the Netherlands.


MAF 2016 | 1 – 18 december

Media Art Friesland introduces new Young Masters Award in 2016

Starting with this year’s edition of the Media Art Festival in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) the winners of the Young Masters competition for emerging media artists will receive an attractive new prize: a month-long stay in a Residency program for artistic reasearch and creation. The program is run by AADK Spain and it takes place in the inspiring environment of Blanca town.

AADK Spain offers well-equipped studios, exhibition space, artistic mentoring and curating in the Spanish town of Blanca. The residency program is run by internationally known artists and curators who have strong bonds with local communities and provide possibilities for visiting artists to work with them. With 6.000 inhabitants, the town of Blanca is an excellent example of the integration of contemporary arts in a local community where artistic life contributes to the economic and cultural development of the town.

Media Art Friesland Foundation and AADK Spain strongly believe in a direct, local and translocal cooperation. Therefore they have agreed to join forces, to share expertise and production facilities, and provide a possibility for emerging artists to enjoy a working period in the residency. A maximum of three winners of the Media Art Festival will be chosen by an international jury together with the audience, and will be invited to spend 1 month in Spain. Artsists will recieve a grant that covers mobility, accomodation and Residency program costs. Dutch and international artists who have started their professional practice no longer than five years ago, are scouted and also invited to submit propopsals. During the residency period artists will develop their artistic skills and insights, while mentored and curated by Abraham Hurtado and Elena Azzadín from AADK Spain. The results of the residency period are presented to the public at AADK’s headquarters Centro Negra in Blanca/Spain, Media Art Festival in Leeuwarden/The Netherlands, at other international venues and disseminated through organisations’ extensive networks.

Young media artists who are interested in participating in the Young Masters competition are invited to send documentation to mediaartfriesland@gmail.com before July 15th 2016. If selected, they participate in the Young Masters exhibition in Leeuwarden in December 2016. Out of the a maximum of 15 nominees, a maximum of 3 winners will be selected for the AADK Spain Residency, that will take place between April and August 2017.

More information: www.aadk.es