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Data Cuisine | 2-daagse workshop: Susanne Jaschko en Moritz Stefaner

What is the taste of data? Can you imagine how a fish soup tastes whose recipe is based on regional fishing data? Or what a pizza would be like if it represented Friesland’s population mix?

Data Cuisine explores food as a means of data expression – or, if you like – edible diagrams. After Helsinki, Barcelona, Berlin and Basel, the 2-day workshop comes to MAF in Leeuwarden. Join the workshop to learn how to express local data with local food, and to find new ways to tell the stories behind the data.

Data Cuisine is a project by data visualizer Moritz Stefaner and prozessagenten / Susanne Jaschko. For the workshop, they are collaborating with Klaas Kasma, chef at Kookatelier De Kleyne Sint Jacob in Leeuwarden.

Friday, November 6
15.00 – 20.00h | Westerkerk, Leeuwarden

Saturday, November 7
10.30-16.00h | Kookatelier De Kleyne Sint Jacob, Leeuwarden
16.30-18:00h | Westerkerk, Leeuwarden

Participants: max. 15
Admission price: € 45,00
If you want to join, email to mediaartfriesland@gmail.com

Wanneer: Vrijdag 6 november | Zaterdag 7 november

Locatie: Westerkerk | Kookatelier De Kleyne Sint Jacob

Categorie: old talents workshops