About MAF

Stichting Media Art Friesland (Media Art Friesland Foundation) brings the best young and international experimental art to the North of the Netherlands and presents it to a large audience. We provide a platform for a broad range of art forms. Our definition of media art has grown from “art with an electric plug” to “all art forms that use innovative resources and production processes and whose subject is the world of today and tomorrow.” A mechanical artwork that provides an innovative solution for contemporary questions is just as relevant to us as works in which technical tours de force are used in a new context.  There are also plenty of opportunities for expression, experimenting and performances. The works we present are often engaged and controversial. The works comment on current affairs and encourage contemplation and interpretation.

In this way, we provide a unique platform that connects various disciplines and movements in Leeuwarden and Friesland.  It is essential and evident for us to provide interaction between local artists and national and international makers. The only boundaries we know are the limits of our imagination. Within those limits it is our style and policy to explore everything that is current and to connect everything that is artistically meaningful or otherwise valuable whenever possible.

 Stichting Media Art Friesland’s objectives are:

  • To present innovative art to a wide audience and to let the audience participate in the artworks.
  • To contribute to innovation and advancements in the arts on a local, regional and international level.
  • To provide a platform for artists to exhibit their work, to create new works and to expand their network and name. And to contribute to the artists’ skills development.

 We aim to meet these objectives by:

  • Presenting remarkable artworks, projects and performances at various, unexpected locations where they will be seen by an audience interested in art as well as passers-by whose interest is awakened by chance.
  • Working together with educational and cultural institutions, the business world, social organisations and knowledge institutions.
  • Providing greater depth about art, science and society by responding to current political and social issues.
  • Involving and supporting local artists and creative entrepreneurs.
  • Bringing together and joining forces of institutions that are active in the North of the Netherlands in the fields of innovative technology and media, science and art.
  • Actively involving local talents in curating and organising the festival

This means that the Media Art Festival that is held at the end of every year, is the most important activity of Stichting Media Art Friesland. We present the best works of up-and-coming talent in the Young Masters Exposition in combination with works and projects of internationally renowned artists. Every year, there is a central theme that is approached and presented from different perspectives during three weeks in the form of discussions, presentations and workshops. Furthermore, there are plenty of opportunities for presentations and performances by artists from our region. They will get exposure through the festival, and the festival is very much embedded in its own region.

The festival reaches a large and diverse audience, that is presented with a lot of interactive art and presentations at special locations. The audience has ample opportunity to discover media art and to enjoy it to a greater depth by active participation, together with the artists and other experts. This is combined with artistic entertainment and imaginative presentations, partially at the home base of our partners and in public spaces. We will continue with this broad, accessible approach in the next years. Our focus is to grow and vary in content and form, to reach bigger audiences every year and to continue to further strengthen the position of experimental art in the North of the Netherlands.

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