TENT is a platform for contemporary art in Rotterdam and each year they organize the TENT Academy Awards (TAA). It is a competition between the best graduation videos, films, shorts and animations of all Dutch art schools.

The winner of the TAA 2017 is Festus Toll, from the St. Joost Academy Breda, for his film We Will Maintain. Simen Gjersvold from Norway won the Best Foreign Film Award for I overkant and Igrayne Hörmann from the HKU won the Audience Award for her film Rode krijtjes.

The winning films from the Dutch art schools will be screened in our warm and lovely MAF-cinema on the Snekertrekweg, along with work of the fourteen other nominees, including Young Master Ole Nieling. We hope to welcome you soon.

Sunday, December 10th | 2 p.m. 
Photo by: Aad Hoogendoorn | www.tentrotterdam.nl

14:00-14:15 | Introductie TAA

(52:10 min)

Jonathan Aldenberg | Post Truthfully
‘Post Truthfully’ is about someone exploring a web of identity crises. How does the post-internet generation address issues such as identity, friendship, social awareness, and information overload? Aldenberg literally takes a sword to these questions in a witty and humorous monologue.
Film, 06:00 min | Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

Michelle Verhoeks | Deep
A surrealistic animation film in which a woman explores her sexuality.
Animation, 04:10 min | AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch

Miron Galic | Screenshot (because te Sun was in my eyes)
On a roof in his native Sarajevo, Miron Galic makes self-portraits using screenshots from the Photo Booth computer application.
Film, 14:00 min | ArtEZ – Academy of Art & Design, Arnhem

Igrayne Hörmann | Red Crayons – winner Audience Award 2017
Syrian child refugees learn a new language. As they tell about their experiences, drawings are brought to life. An intimate take on a still-raging war and the difficult journey to a new home country.
Film, 28:00 min | HKU – University of the Arts, Utrecht

15.15-15.30 break

15.30-16.30 (55:15 min)

Simone Schuffelen | Mother Modder
Simone Schuffelen makes an introduction film with her mother to use on a dating site. Film, 06:35 min | Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Ole Nieling | Walden
During an exchange programme in Norway at Trondheim’s art academy, Ole lived on the city’s outskirts in a self-built cabin in the Bymarka forest wilderness. In 2017, he returned and made this film, which poetically portrays the relationship between nature and culture.
Film, 06:30 min | ArtEZ – Academy of Art & Design, Enschede

Bram van Dijk | Gallivant 
As the film’s protagonist tries to break patterns in his life, he searches with his friends for distraction and the unknown. But what happens when the breaking of patterns becomes a pattern? Film, 06:06 min | Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

Valentina Gal | Best of breed
Valentina Gal creates a hyperreal world where dogs and humans merge.
Film, 06:46 min | ArtEZ – Academy of Art & Design, Arnhem

Slavia Petrova | Spring Colors
A film about finding yourself and the unleashing of everything that stops someone from being themself. Film, 29:58 min | Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

16.30-16.45 break 

16.45-17.35 (49:45 min)

Kotryna Buruckaitė | Behold
You and I, the neighbours, doctors, teachers, waiters, cleaners, and drifters: is there a difference between us? Why do we follow each other and yet ignore each other. Film, 09:01 min | Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

Hansje Hofland | Autonomous things
The owner of a robot pigeon is forced to take action when it gets intercepted during a race. Film, 05:00 min | Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

Festus Toll | We will Maintain – winner TENT Academy Award 2017
A child looks into the camera; his Kenyan uncle makes a prediction; a mixed child does not belong to Africa or Europe. Twelve years later, the child is now a filmmaker preoccupied with his uncle’s prophetic.
Film, 35:41 min | AKV St. Joost, Breda