Terror of Beauty
The Female Face as Battleground of Beauty and the Power of Aesthetics

The project ‘Terror of beauty’ is a visualisation of Sarah’s critique towards the trend of artificially beautifying the face, happening in the mainstream. In today’s beauty tutorial videos on YouTube beauty vloggers show and instruct their viewers how to enhance their beauty by enhancing their face through cosmetic procedures. This phenomenon is simply presented as a new lifestyle, a new kind of beauty tutorial on how to perfect your face without the use of make-up. The female face has become a battleground of beauty in which the strat­egy of cosmetic surgery creates a permanent change and an alienation of the natural face. A beauty enhancement that can’t be reversed. By doing this, the unique identity of the face might eventually be eliminated, creating an exclu­sive group of beautiful people, all matching with one universal beauty proto­type.

How far we are willing to go in violating the female face for beauty? What are the future possibilities and strategies of beautification? Sarah believes that the face as battleground of beauty has its momentum yet to come.

Sarah Amrani studied Lifestyle & Design at Willem de Kooning Academie. With an interest in visual culture she uses photography and film in researching female cultural identity and beauty ideals.