In a society where financial debt is nothing but a hazing ritual, what does a comfort zone entail? Terence Baier constructs so-called comfort zones with a satirical approach. There where crying fails, laughter prevails, where cynicism rules, you will find yourself in his comfort zone. Cubicals or small apartments filled to the brim with cozy letters reminding you of the rites of passage that awaits maturity. With imminent consequences smiling you from afar. We are but unidentified animals, struggling in our comfort cages.

Terence Baier aims to break the routine which exists in and around us – by framing it in action – while using the right medium and tools for each new approach. The materials (power, media, and the lingering ‘correctness’) are produced by the environment he works in and provide a toolbox that is growing continuously in these bittersweet times.