Bridges connect humans, cultures and things. They are the way, the search, the starting point, the obstacle and the aim at the same time. They are to connect opposites, differences and related subjects. But is this way of transfer built on solid grounds or is it an airy installation? Perhaps it is just a metaphor? Can I leave the image of myself behind on the shore and become something new, even a thing on the other side?

From the intellectual world of an ice skater, relations arise between the things, the skates and the material, the vibrations of the body, the music and light. Projections visualize the bridge between the artificial and the natural, while soundscapes are creating an atmosphere of in-between.

Between sky and earth, between lights and shadows, between the human body and the thing. Between the need to protect natural resources and to destroy those with the own passion. To run away from oneself just to arrive with oneself again at the end. To cross the river of life, but anyway drift away with the waves…

An open-ended performance that makes use of the image of bridges and their elaboration in studio – with contemporary ice skater Katja Grohmann (Leipzig, Germany) and sound artist Baz Laarakkers (Arnhem, The Netherlands).