On four evenings, from 9 to 12 November 2023, at the Martinikerk in Sneek, the German duo Hartung & Trenz will play with light and language in this video artwork around the theme of dementia. This theme was chosen because this popular disease has a huge impact on the lives of patients and informal carers. An Odensehuis has recently opened in Sneek, a meeting place for people with memory problems or incipient dementia and their loved ones. As we know, dementia has the effect of blurring the identity of the person concerned, and this blurring also manifests itself in the loss of the use of the mother tongue. This is precisely why the artists are fascinated by the subject.

Hartung & Trenz often work with language in their light art. They create immersive installations where the audience is surrounded by projected words and texts. For the project VERLOREN, the artists work with the theme of the loss of words due to the disease. Sensitively, they will interact with the environment, filter remarkable and recurring findings and translate them into appealing poetic light art installations that often stimulate reflection and discussion in addition to providing an impressive immersive experience.

On 10 April 2023, the rebuilt Martinikerk in Sneek was officially opened. After the thorough restoration and refurbishment, church community and Friends of the Martinikerk want to open the church to a wide audience and achieve this by organising a variety of cultural activities in the building.

For more information about artistduo Hartung&Trenz, please visit their website.