Beam Team (SI)

Portal’ is based on a synchronised modulation of light and sound that, where the gazes of two spectators meet, enables a special sensory experience that plays with the spectator’s perception. The central element of the installation is a spatial setting, a kind of tunnel, through which two spectators look at each other at both ends and in which there are several plates with spherical openings. This is where the play of light takes place, emphasised by the use of some special effects. The portal attempts to negate the rigid linearity of time and space and instead introduces the moment of cyclicity – reality thus transforms from space into a fluid polygon of infinity, timelessness and wholeness, shaking up the experience of the viewer’s life and perception of the world.

Beam Team (Stella Ivšek, Anja Romih, Aleš Zupanc and Črt Trkman) are Slovenian media artists engaged in video projections and mapping, audiovisual installations, and other multimedia projects. They both studied visual communication, Ivšek at the Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana and Romih at the Faculty of Design Ljubljana. They collaborate with sound designer Črt Trkman/Terranigma (1987) is sound designer and electrical engineer Aleš Zupanc (1997).

Photo: DK