László Zsolt Bordos (HU)

László Bordos tells stories through challenging, often rigorously composed light sculptures and soundscapes that touch the visitor deeply. Light is something elusive and fluid, but the spaces and buildings he projects on are massive and robust. The artist wants to bring this contradiction to life. He creates illusions of lights and shapes that support the building, where light steals the building’s features and vice versa.

For LUNA Nights 2024, László Bordos is creating new work for the Palace of Justice on Wilhelminaplein. With his fascinating visual interventions, he brings the building to life and tells the story of the building, its inhabitants and its users through the centuries in a very abstract way. This also involves numerous the Moving Heads lamps which, with their enormous blasting power, range and manoeuvrability, provided the inspiration for the LUNA Currents themed programme. With its audiovisual power and its prominent location on one of the largest squares in the heart of the city, this project will be a major image-setter for LUNA Nights 2024.

Photo (C) Pieter Postma