Collectif Scale (FR)

‘Flux’ was commissioned by the French province of Grand Est in 2021 and was part of the Constellations Festival in Metz, France. Its kinetic construction, composed of lines of dynamic light, is motorised and controlled in real time. The formal multiplication of lines, combined with subtle variations in temporal phases, speeds and amplitudes, forms an organic object that balances between poetic waves and frenetic waves. The interactive version allows spectators to change the music, kinetic movement and lighting. In a playful and intuitive way, they fully control Flux. For LUNA 2024, Collectif Scale is creating an adaptation of Flux for the courtyard of Natuurmuseum Friesland, with the elegant yet playfully moving elements reminiscent of the beauty of DNA.

Collectif Scale is a group of makers from different professional and artistic backgrounds. Starting as a Paris-based collective, Collectif Scale sees itself primarily as a group of aficionados who bring their expertise together in experiments from which extraordinary new media artworks can emerge. Collectif Scale explores the connections between sound and visual art, light and architectural design, entertainment and contemporary art, nature and the future, man and machine. Through exploration, they seek answers, which are integrated into their multimedia installations. Flux is a co-production with composers Tetro Music and Grégory Sémah.