Uncertain Streams

Nicolás Dardano (AR/IT)

The work emerges from the Mediterranean coast of Almería, Spain, where strong feelings of fascination and discomfort seem to exist simultaneously.This location holds an intriguing contrast: protected areas with unique natural beaches and an exceptional geological enclave collide with massive greenhouse urbanizations —a dystopian labyrinth of semi-transparent architecture, meant to produce vegetables for most of the Northern European countries. As a whole, Almería’s greenhouse surface occupies more than 320 km2. This area is frequently referred to as the “plastic sea”, causing an estimated 33.500 tons of plastic waste per year, many of them ending up on the seashore. Meanwhile, the area hosts some of the few Spanish Mediterranean unexploited beaches, a Maritime-Terrestrial Natural Park with 45 km of protected shores, a Geopark with spectacular volcanic formations, and a Special Birds Protection Zone.

The video installation recovers locally discarded materials and images to submerge into these contradictions, creating a hypnotic dystopian scenario where beauty and apprehension are intertwined and the limits between natural and artificial matter are disintegrated by streams of video, light and sound. ‘Uncertain streams’ emerges from the Mediterranean but opens a space to reflect on a wider, global dilemma: the multiple relations that we, as humans, establish with the landscape and natural resources.

After a prolific career as an audiovisual designer, Nicolás Dardano shifted his focus to media art, focusing on autonomous projects that explore the interaction between time, space, video, light and sound. His practice is inspired by the contemplation and exploration of nature and landscape. His work, consisting of multimedia installations and live performances is the result of his curiosity and constant search for the boundaries of material and virtual realities, nature and artificiality, light and darkness. Exploring a poetic-visual language, his pieces seek to open a moment and timeframe in which our sensory perception prompts us to reflect and raise questions regarding these dualities. Dardano lives and works in Buenos Aires (AR) and Blanca (ES) and is part of the team at AADK Spain, an artist-run platform for contemporary art.