Corpo Morbido

Luca Mauceri & Andreas Zampella (IT)

Corpo Morbido’ is a relational video installation. The artwork includes a station where spectators can model a block of raw clay. The same block is filmed and projected in real time on the facade of a building. In the case of LUNA Nights 2024, that will be the façade of the Stationskwartier, the main location with the Young Masters exhibition. The Stationskwartier marks the beginning of the new urban development zone Spoordok, to which LUNA Nights 2024 responds with content. Balancing on the edge of reality, Corpo Morbido creates the illusion that the building is modelled, bathed in the light from the projector, in an ever-changing play of light and shadow, the image shaped in real time by visitors. Thus, it is an invitation to everyone to help mould the buildings and the neighbourhood for the future themselves, with their hands in the clay, and to actively shape ideas and wishes.

Andreas Zampella and Luca Mauceri have been working together since the Festival “La Luna e i Calanchi” in Aliano/IT in 2019, where they experimented with the use of light and video projection. Their research is characterised by the use of primal materials, such as clay, and by the desire to create installations where interaction and relationship with the audience are an intrinsic and fundamental value of the artwork.