The Tree of Light

Morph Studio (IT)

“The Tree of Light” is an art installation that combines elements of light, sound, and motion. The installation features light bulbs equipped with sensors that respond to your movements. As you interact with these bulbs, they create a distinctive soundscape that mirrors your actions. “Light” offers not just an art display but a portal to a world where your actions become an integral part of the art: It’s an exploration of the relationship between human input, technology, and art.

Morph Studio consists of multidisciplinary artists Lorenzo Anelli and Carlo Cozzolongo. Both are doing a master’s degree in Music Technology at the Matera Conservatory (Italy). The duo playfully explores technology, sound, and interactivity. Morph Studio recently participated in some Italian festivals, such as Invisible Cities and MAGMA Fest. Their work Room 2 was one of the hits of the LUNA Young Masters 2023 exposition.