Vortex III

Mutual Loop (AT)

VORTEX III’ is a tunnel of vibrating lines evoking dynamic processes. The path along the ribbons leads to the unknown and unexplored. The full image will never be fully visible; there always remains an uncertainty in the space. Light, itself invisible, travels along the rays that are not themselves luminous.

Dr Martina Trittart works as an artist, curator and researcher in Vienna, Austria. Her work includes installation and media art and filmmaking, and has a prominent focus on light as a medium, related to the perception of spaces. Martina Trittart is on the board of the art association K├╝nstlerhaus. She completed her PhD on ‘Light Spaces – Spatial Models of Perception’ at the University of Technology in Graz.

Holger Lang, MA in Fine/Studio Arts (Webster University, St. Louis.USA), is an Austrian artist and filmmaker living and working in Vienna. His artistic focus ranges from abstract and conceptual work to experimental and interdisciplinary projects. Travelling around the world, he is invited to numerous lectures, presentations, conferences and festivals in Europe, the US and Japan. Temporary installations create ephemeral spaces where viewers can experience and participate. He runs Galerie Sternstunde in Vienna, organises a festival for experimental film and has taught at universities since 1995.