Visual Piano

Laurenz Theinert (D)

Laurenz Theinert creates media art spaces with 360° panoramic projections. This leads to abstract, room-filling environments played live and in real time. To interact spontaneously with other participating artists (musicians and dancers), he invented the globally unique instrument ‘Visual Piano’ in collaboration with Philipp Rahlenbeck. In ‘Visual Piano’, light is made visible through mist and fills the entire space in the same way as music fills a room. As soon as visitors enter the space, they become part of the work. In this confrontation with the artwork, a gentle dissolution of familiar spatial orientation patterns takes place. A harmoniously changing light-sound space imperceptibly dissolves traditional visual experiences and references and opens up a space without perceptible boundaries in constantly new variations. The light forms emerge live on the modified piano producing images in improvisational interplay with musicians and sound artists. Image and sound constantly change, creating a series of unstable states that converge in the stability of a new order.

Laurenz Theinert studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. Laurenz Theinert is an artistic photographer and performative light and media artist. In his work, Theinert focuses on visual experiences that refer to nothing concrete, but strive for abstract aesthetics. For LUNA Nights 2024, Theinert will install his ‘Visual Piano’ in the Grote or Jacobijnerkerk. The aural line-up is currently being worked on. It will be a combination of talent from the region (including students from the Academy of Pop Culture, the church’s permanent organist) and international sound artists and musicians.