Alessandro Lupi (IT)

Fragment of Reality

FRAGMENT OF REALITY is a fascinating installation of reflecting particles that create a continuously changing light sculpture, using exclusively sunlight during the day and stray light at night. FRAGMENT OF REALITY surprises, without any fuss. It shows the beauty of simplicity and fixes the attention on the beauty of the ‘naturally’ present light.

Alessandro Lupi’s work focuses on light and the fusion of light with color, space and time. Every work seems to create a world of its own, where the idea of ‘subversion’, the possibility to offer the viewer a point of view that’s the opposite of what is expected or predicted, is emphasized. In his works the dichotomy of opposite situations, such as exterior-interior, freedom-captivity or life-death, is broken by the contemporary perception of these two aspects.

Alessandro Lupi, born in Genoa in 1975, lives and works in Berlin. He studied Fine Art at the Accademia Ligustics Di Belle Arti in Genoa.