Asja Radakovic (1993, NL)


Dear Fast Fashion

Ever since she was little, Asja Radaković dreamed of being an influencing fashion designer—she loves expressing herself through clothing. During her studies, however, she learned more about the shadow sides of fashion, including the damaging effects of the textile industry on our environment. In her installations, living plants grow from seeds embedded in dresses, in order to create awareness of the relationship between fashion and sustainability. The organic, wet beauty of fabric and plants stands in contrast to the work’s bold statement: “Dear Fast Fashion…” reads like the opening of a love letter turned into protest.

Asja was born in Croatia and grew up in the Netherlands. At the age of fifteen, she started her first education in fashion at ROC Tilburg. After graduating, she took a part-time course in photography at Academie Noord in Brasschaat (Belgium) and a year later, she studied Arts and Research at the AKV Sint Joost in Breda, where she graduated in 2021.