Casa Magica (DE)



The Southern gable of the former prison the Blokhuispoort is illuminated by a serene, architectonic image. The quiet and calm changes into a lively animation for visitors when they scan the illuminated facade with an Augmented Reality app on their smartphone. Let yourself be amazed by the abstract creatures escaping the building and flying off! The creatures are visualizations of sounds and voices, in perfect synchronization with the visual aspects of SOUND ESCAPE.

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Casa Magica makes location-specific projects where current, art historical and local themes are woven into videomappings and multimedia shows. The artists are especially interested in 3D-transformation of existing structures, which they call ‘digital decalcomania’. An important aspect of their research is the visualisation of sound.

Casa Magica consists of Sabine Weißinger and Friedrich Förster. After studies in art history, theology and biology, specializing in neurosciences, they have developed tons of applications of innovative technology for the visual arts since the 80’s, which they work into large scale and experimental projects worldwide.