Christy Westhovens (1995, NL)

Spatiotemporal Bodies

Spatiotemporal bodies is an interactive installation that reminds us of the invisible connections between our bodies, our surroundings, and the passing of time. 

Little, wearable machines measure the electrical field of visitors’ bodies in real time, turning this data into sound. Based on these sounds, participants can explore the space and each other by listening to the changes they cause with their own body. By listening, seeking, and working together, they are able to compose an almost spiritual experience.

We are surrounded by natural phenomena that hide from our perceivable reality. By creating devices and installations that can observe these processes, Christy Westhovens (1995) hopes to unravel these hidden gems and turn them into a sensory experience. Christy lives and works in Maastricht, where she graduated from the Institute of Arts in 2020.