Damien Troadec


Highway to hell

An endless descent under the name of dead love.
The remains of a scream. Bright hopes are very few.
Hell. Give me a reason to seek for the above.
You know! I have crossed oceans of time to find you.

No rest. Yet! Standing in front of the eerie gate;
A reverse world controlled by a blinded terror.
Flirting with the worth beast. What about abandoned fate?
Echos of squeaky laughs enlightening past error.

It requires a great psychological strength.
I say this not in reproach, but in deaf regrets.
Redemption. Coalition. A time without length.
Monsters are dancing, hypnotized by their darkness.

Nestled in blurred movements. Overexposed pixels.
Sooner or later we will all have to fight. Past!
Against divine lights which surround eyes like missiles
The abyss. Let’s follow the lonely rooted path.

So! Whatever you decide, I’m with you. New games?
Barks are like a memory. I am my own dog.
The scared characters you will meet erased their names
Welcome in the guts of the turmoil. Breathe in fog. 

HIGHWAY TO HELL is an installation that interweaves two separate but complementary experiences, interpretations and affections. Like a constellation in the sky—a drawing recognized through people’s imagination—the work creates stories, fictions and worlds through connections and meanings.

Damien Troadec graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2021. The relationship between image and word is the core of his practice. In his work he plays with concepts of history, archiving, metaphors and analogies and is interested in framing, fragmenting, interpreting and documenting memories, visions, dreams and projections.