Davey Smand (NL)



NORNS is an interactive installation based on the concept of transformation that takes place over time. Artist Davey Smand is inspired by the physical law of entropy: change or ‘disorder’ that inevitably takes place over time. For example, a warm liquid will eventually cool down, your room will eventually become a mess again, the shards of a broken vase will never form a whole vase again. Entropy applies to small, contemporary things, but in science it is also linked to nature, the big bang and the black hole.

NORNS consists of four carts with a speaker, microphone and sound equipment, which visitors can push, whereby the sounds of their movements and moods and environmental sounds are registered, sampled and alienated. Thus, they explore the idea that we can influence entropy by being able to change the transformation over time. The custom-written feedback suppression software is guided through the space in which the installation is located and the people who interact with it.

Because the whole setup is based on interaction and mobility, the transformation of the sound changes depending on where the different carts are in time and space. Because the source of the sound changes with respect to the space, the acoustics also differ, allowing users to control or influence the sound. The large green button on the push handles of the ‘carts’ gives the user control over the activation and through that control he contributes to the shaping of the new sound.

Davey Smand attained his bachelor degree in Fine Arts at Academie Minerva in 2019, where he was nominated for the Academie Minerva Price. In the same year he was part of the Young Masters exhibition.