Elías Merino (ES) & Tadej Droljc (IS)


Stationskwartier – Snekertrekweg 1

SYNSPECIES is an audiovisual project created by Elías Merino and Tadej Drolic. The project is the result of discussions and conceptual lines of thinking about virtual, audiovisual objects, digital art paradigms and narrative research.

The performance explores unnatural, dreamy fields that are inhabited by audiovisual objects in different sizes. Between the objects, cross-pollination occurs. They mutate and fight for their space and existence. They co-create a world of surreal physicality that is constantly shaped by brutal force. SYNSPECIES feed themselves with clusters of computer code and analogue signals.

Elías Merino (MA/PhD in sonic arts and composition) is a Spanish audiovisual artist. His body of work consists of installations, audiovisual compositions and live performances. For SYNSPECIES and many other projects, he collaborates with Tadej Drolic (PhD in audiovisual composition), a Slovenian artist and creative coder operating at the intersection of sound, image and light. His recent work involves what he calls a pluralistic approach to real-time audiovisual composition, where different hierarchies between sound and image exist next to each other within individual compositions. Currently, Drolic is a doctoral researcher in audiovisual composition at CeReNeM, as well as a teacher at the University of Huddersfield.