Friedrich Boell (DE)

Colores Del Mundo

Stationskwartier / Snekertrekweg 1

Friedrich Boell researches the imaging properties of broken electronic devices. Though overlooked when functioning, the material components and properties of phones, tablets and screens are the focus of the artist’s interest. He makes them unrecognizable, manipulates them, and destroys them in order to investigate visual and optical qualities.

During LUNA Nights, Boell presents a poetic installation of light and objects and frequently used words, which he collected during a recent work stay at the start of the first corona lockdown in Colombia.

Friedrich Boell (Wesel, 1982) grew up in Xanten, Germany. He moved to Berlin in 2001 to study Information Technology and Networked Systems. He then worked for ten years in IT services and got to know the mountains of electronic scrap behind the flashy digital facade. The primary use of found material was driven by these considerations.

In 2015 he started a new study at the Academy of Media Art Cologne. Friedrich Boell has been involved in technologies such as reverse engineering, 3D printing, 3D modeling and working in the field of industrial robots. In 2019 he took part in a study exchange program to Bogotá in Colombia.