Ida Leijting (1998, NL)

Ole Lukøje

Ole Lukøje is an investigation into the materiality of time. The installation confronts the viewer with tactile objects present in nearly every device of electronic timekeeping: tiny pieces of synthetic quartz. Driven by an incredibly consistent ‘heartbeat’, these crystals are responsible for artificially synchronizing computers, satellites and bodies. Through process and notions of compression and growth, the work explores the intersections of both synthetic, geological and organic time, as well as the destructive potentials of their desynchronization.

Ida Leijting departs her artistic ventures from the concept of liminality, the in-between. She recently graduated from BEAR ArtEZ, where she developed an appetite for forensics, physics and archeology. In her sculptures and installations, she relies on a research-based approach, balancing on the threshold between outspoken experiment and silent artifact.