Ingo Wendt (DE)


Courtyard behind the Bagijnestraat 36

You might know the little coloured toy-windmills where the wind creates a colorful scene as they turn? The LICHTBLUMEN by the German light artist Ingo Wendt work in the same way, but mechanically controlled. The luminous images become spinning flowers, which can be admired in the courtyard behind the Bagijnestraat.

Ingo Wendt (DE) navigates between (media and light) art and science. He takes his inspiration from diverse natural and urban landscapes, as well as from architecture and historical places. His artworks have a playful character and create beautiful atmospheres in which colors are almost tangible. Phenomena that arise according to physical optics, but also by chance and time play an important role in his work, as well as his love for analog film projectors.