Judith Rautenberg (DE)

The Void

Ipe Brouwersteeg

THE VOID, by German artist Judith Rautenberg, is a dream-like light installation consisting of geometric and organic forms that fill the void of unnoticed locations on a canvas of smoke and fog. During LUNA Nights, her work will similarly be seen in a spot that would usually not be given the time of day.

Judith Rautenberg is a German video artist and photographer. She was educated at the Bauhaus-University Weimar and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She makes site-specific light and video installations. 

Space is the most important factor in her work. She considers space itself a conceptual medium. Before her studies, Judith worked as an assistant to a photojournalist for a year. Her documentary background is still apparent in her work, as well as influences of her earlier studies in Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy in München. Her broad interests and education have a big influence on her artistic concepts.