Roslyn SCHwengle (1999, NL)


Overcome is a 3-piece panel that tells the story of a journey that takes place in a different time, to an undetermined destination.

The things that we go through, the experiences we have gained, the lessons we have learned, the people we have met along the way and those we have lost, the skills we have gained, our dreams, our struggles, our glories, our pain: every choice we have made has exactly led us up to this point in time. Things might never be the same, but they were never meant to be. We become better through our hardships, our dedication, and our successes; in life, we must improvise, adapt and overcome. It is what prepares us for the uncertain future.

Roslyn Schwengle (F. 1999, Aruba) is a young graduate from the Bachelor in Fine Arts at Hanzehogeschool Academy Minerva. In her multidisciplinary and surreal art practice, she uses bright colors, light, pencils, paint, and other media in order to unfold impulses and present the subconscious.