Tatiana Durán Martínez (1991, CO/NL)

Little World of a Person

Mithridatism is a method used to protect oneself against poisoning by taking a little bit of poison every day in order to create immunity.

In an installation of multiple films, small worlds are created, telling short stories about objects and spaces, such as plants and dishes, the kitchen and the bedroom. In an abstract and metaphorical way, the artist reflects on the feelings and thoughts that have accompanied her during the Covid-19 lockdown. In small doses of colorful absurdity and dream-like scenarios, emotional complexity and turmoil are processed and reworked, all without referring directly to the pandemic.

Tatiana Durán Martínez was born in Colombia and adopted the Netherlands as her home in 2012. She loves to work and play with video and humor. She graduated from the Minerva academie in 2020, where she earned the 2020 Fine Art prize and was among the Best of Graduates Nest and Melkweg expo.