Tessa Loes van Bree (1997, NL)


Engelenkoor is an audiovisual experience about transformation, confrontation and the beauty of distortion. You see a microphone, five steel, humming plates as an audience. Do they want something from you? Does the microphone work, or is it there for decoration? Testing, tapping…

The sound you put into the machine is distorted by the transmission, then there is a short silence. With your input, there comes a breath of fresh air. Engelenkoor is the result of a material research process, driven by a longing for fluidity: how can rigid metal plates offer something malleable and ethereal?

This question is examined and confronted with an exploration of interactive and open sound technology. For the artist, it is always an exciting physical and mental confrontation to work with materials that raise new questions: “You tell me. I’m all ears.”

Tessa Loes van Bree is an aural and visual artist. She uses a range of techniques in order to convey atmosphere and emotion. In 2021 she completed a Bachelor of Art & Research at St Joost Academy in Den Bosch.