Young Masters & Currents
February 3 – 19

LUNA Nights & Friends
February 9 – 11


Photo: Chor_Bahzad SULAIMAN_VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
©Daniel Hausig


Luna 2023 • Nothing Changes

The theme program of LUNA 2023 is Nothing Changes: everything remains the same – is that a pessimistic and gloomy view of life, an individual perception, can we actually bring about or at least influence change?

The statement serves as a grain of sand in the wheels of everyday life – what does not change and for whom? What responsibility do the media have for an ongoing news and visual culture? Is there actually polarization or is it timeless; is humanity hurtling towards a ravine or is it perhaps not so bad as long as your algorithms provide you with the news items that support an optimistic future?

Today, our world view is being affected by major events – yet war, pandemic, inflation and other things we have to relate to these days are also phenomena of all times. So, in general, little or nothing really changes?

In addition to the major challenges and catastrophes that preoccupy the media, art and virtually everyone, social changes are underway. Our image of humanity is also subject to constant change. In the theme program we place a special focus on how we look at and think about gender, sexuality, lifestyles, relationships between people and our natural and physical environment. What changes and who benefits? Why is there also fear of this change? Is society due for a complete overhaul of the classification of people into female, male and non-binary – maybe we are all non-binary but find that hard to accept? While much progress has been made, there is still a long way to go and we are not yet where we want to be. Rights fought for by protesters many years ago are still being contested. This can feel like nothing changes.

During our Theme Nights we open conversations between art, science and technology with imagination, speculation and action. Take a look at what our theme program LUNA Currents will bring, which young national and international artists will exhibit this year in the LUNA Young Masters exhibition and of course which magical light artworks can be seen during LUNA Nights from 9 to 11 February in the Leeuwarden city center.

February 3 – 19

During LUNA you will find the Young Masters exhibition in the Stationskwartier (Snekertrekweg 1): light and media artworks by fifteen young, national and international talents. The exhibition is open during the festival period from 10 am to 10 pm! Check the program for all activities and look here for all practical information. Note: with a passe-partout for only €17, you can visit the expo and all activities during the entire festival period! You buy the passe-partout at the door.

February 9 – 11

In the center of Leeuwarden you will find beautiful light artworks from national and international makers from 9 – 11 February from sunset! You can determine your own route. Looking for a map? Then check, the 2Discover app where all works of art and places can be found.

Do you really want to miss nothing and also get the background information? Then book a LUNA Tour of about 90 minutes from A Guide to Leeuwarden for €12.50!

LUNA Nights is over! Until Sunday February 19th you can still visit the Young Masters exhibition, with works of art by young, national and international talents!


February 9 – 11

LUNA & Friends: five projects by and with Frisian institutions and companies that are happy to be part of our program on their own terms, making them very welcome guests.

The course Communication and Multimedia Design of NHL Stenden Hogeschool presents works with two student groups; Swapfiets comes with cheerfully illuminated bicycles; RAAMH as enabler of presentations of our international projects shows itself in a space of Neushoorn in the Haniasteeg, and the Popfabryk presents i.c.w. New Noardic Wave the results of residencies of film and image makers.

Those with friends like these have nothing to fear.

Practical information

LUNA Young Masters

From February 3 – February 19
OPENdaily from 10.00 – 22.00h
DIFFERENT OPENING HOURSThursday 9th – Saturday 11th of February open till 23.00h | Sunday February 19th open from 12.00 – 17.00h.
LOCATIONStationskwartier, Snekertrekweg 1, 8912 AA Leeuwarden
ENTRANCE€ 7,00 | For students € 5,00 | Up to 16 years free entrance
PASSE-PARTOUT€ 13,00 | Passe-partout students € 9,00

*) With a passe-partout you can visit the exhibition and the program specials throughout the festival period for less than twice the costs of a day-ticket!

LUNA Nights

From February 9 – 11, 2023
WHENIn the evening from sunset to 23.00h
LOCATIONCity centre of Leeuwarden
ENTRANCEFree, with exception of the LUNA Young Masters exhibition.


Tours & Workshops

Prices for guided tours and workshops are on request, see here for more information. For bookings and questions, please contact

Accesibility Young Masters exhibition

The LUNA Young Masters exhibition takes place in the Stationskwartier in Leeuwarden. There is a small staircase at the main entrance, but it is possible to enter the building through another entrance. Do you wish to make use of it? Don’t hesitate to contact us via