De Wanderaars


There is a light burning in almost every child’s room, a symbol of safety. But this small point of light also creates space for dark imaginations. ‘Hypnagogie’ takes you back to childhood and lets fantasy and wonder clash with reality. A sea of memories flashes past us daily, some recent, some from various stages of our childhood. It is about these latter memories that “Hypnagogy” is about. Inspired by their own childhood bedrooms and memories of the past, five students created this multidisciplinary installation. A floor lamp fills the floor in front of the space in which alienated animations, ambient soundscapes and film collages manifest themselves as projections of the brain.

Created by students of the Art ‘N Sounds minor of CMD at NHL Stenden Hogeschool: Lena ten Have, Jeroen Akkerman, Bertho Molenkamp, Daan Princen and Jasmine Wouwenaar.