Lorenzo Anelli/Carlo Cozzolongo (Morph Studio)
Room 2

A room is an enclosed space. We build rooms as soon as we find a place where we want to stay. We give them names, numbers, and meanings, sometimes poetic, sometimes practical. In ‘Room 2’, an interactive installation of light bulbs, visitors can create their own soundscape by giving the sensor-equipped bulbs a swing. This creates a room where it might be hard to feel at home, that doesn’t seem real, where you might feel like a stranger, but which is also hard to leave, because of the mesmerising synthesis of light, shadow, sound and movement.

Morph Studio consists of multidisciplinary artists Lorenzo Anelli and Carlo Cozzolongo. Both are doing a master’s degree in Music Technology at the Matera Conservatory (Italy). The duo playfully explores technology, sound, and interactivity. Morph Studio recently participated in some Italian festivals, such as Invisible Cities and MAGMA Fest.