Maaike Meindertsma (1999, NL)

The Knowledge of the Body

Any idea how far your toes are from the ground when you take a step?

The only way to find out is to measure the distance from our toe to the ground in centimetres. But even then, we know less than our body already knew. In fact, our feet know their position in relation to the floor at every moment. They don’t need measurements and numbers, just experience and body memory. These intriguing thoughts inspired Maaike Meindertsma to create the video installation ‘The knowledge of the body’.

 Maaike Meindertsma graduated in Fine Art from art school Minerva Groningen in 2022. Her artistic work and research deal with the relationship between movement and the body and mind. Maaike presents the body as a source of knowledge, thus challenging the dominant status of the brain.