Martijn de Geele (1994, NL)

Is repetition real?

Eternity is seen as the endless repetition of patterns. This allows us to predict change: something that once was, will always happen again. In his work ‘Is repetition real’, composer Martijn de Geele brings the charm of repetition to life. In his electronic composition, he balances structure and chaos and explores how they are connected. For what seems random at first glance turns out to be an ordered structure on closer inspection. Is this perhaps part of infinite cycles, too vast to perceive, but nonetheless very present?


Martijn de Geele obtained the Master MADtech from the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen in 2022. Electronic music is the core of his craftsmanship. Fascinated by repetitive patterns, he investigates the effects of polyrhythmics. De Geele composes with both digital software and analogue synthesizers.