Martina Dal Brollo (IT)

Con-Temporary studio space

The installation ‘Con-Temporary Studio Space’ is a mobile projection for which visitors generate their own power and images by cycling. During the two years of her Master in Groningen, Martina dal Brollo focused her work on the problem of environmental pollution caused by litter. She sees all the materials carelessly left in the environment as data. They reflect our habits and act as the memory of what we leave behind during our stay on earth. Martina combines different languages in her installations, and she experiments with performance, ephemeral actions, and light installations.

Martina dal Brollo (Trento, Italy 1990) graduated in 2020 from the Frank Mohr Institute with a Master in Media, Art, Design and Technology. In 2020/21, she was nominated for the MAF/LUNA Young Masters Award. Previously she completed her studies in Spain at the Academy of Fine Arts of Barcelona.

Pictures (c) Siese Veenstra