RAAMH presenteert:

Maaike Meindertsma ‘Via Rastello’

‘Via Rastello’ is a journey through the historic street of the same name in Gorizia (Italy), once the commercial center of the city, but over the years diminished in bustle and popularity. In this work, Maaike Meindertsma traces on foot the route of a streetcar that ran in the late eighteenth century. As a result, “Via Rastello” becomes both a performative act and a film, and in a journey that lasts from morning to evening shows the contrast between the remaining liveliness and the desolation of the street.

With this project Maaike makes her work part of the silent, but certainly not deserted location the Haniasteeg. The film takes on a new meaning in this place and becomes part of the city in general.

MAF in RAAMH is facilitated by Neushoorn and Keunstwurk, which is providing an internationalization budget for visual arts for this project. RAAMH is a project by Jan Herman de Boer and Jurre Huitema, with which they highlight young Frisian artists in an accessible way. Media Art Friesland is committed to media art and gladly accepts the invitation to present with ‘MAF in RAAMH’ the results of internationalization that the LUNA Festival, among others, brings about.