Siryne Eloued (1994, TN)

Today I found my friends

In her green and luminous installation, Eloued illuminates the faces of her former friends and classmates, whom she hasn’t seen for more than a decade. She took old photos of her friends and printed them on leaves of plants, in the light of the sun, through an experimental and natural process: chlorophyll printing. The fragile prints form the tree of her personal memories, which are ephemeral. The traces of the printing process are only visible for a few days, after which the memory fades and the faces decay with the drying and decomposition of the leaves. 

Siryne Eloued (Tunis, 1994) graduated in writing and directing from the Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts in Manouba. Her practice oscillates everything between cinema and photography. and she is constantly looking for alternative processes within these genres.