Sytske Nijp (1998, NL)


‘SHIFT-BOX’ is inspired by nightlife, where we can shed old identities and try out new ones. The installation shows how an identity is constantly changing. Sytske Nyp invites you to think out-of-the-box`: the walls of her installation are constantly shifting and rearranging. One moment you are in one box, the next you slide into another. At the same time, her work encourages us to think ‘inside-the-box’. Pigeonholing can limit us in who we are, but it can also provide security. It gives us a flag to sail under and helps us find like-minded people.

Sytske Nijp makes art installations and digital 3D animations, in which she combines her fascination for the workings of the brain with her passion for the night. She herself is also active in the night, either lost in creating new work or as a VJ in clubs. Sytske graduated in Animation from the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2022.