Zhao Zhou

Black Tempest

‘Black Tempest’ is part of the ‘Forced Switch’ series, in which Zhao Zhou intersects transitional spaces, in this case a corridor. Usually, you walk through a corridor with a goal in mind and you don’t acknowledge the in-between space. The corridor is secondary to the room you go to or come from. The installation uses air swirls to replace sight by touch. With this tactile experience, Zhao Zhou creates a temporary identity for the corridor, proposes a different hierarchy of senses and reawakens the skin of the inattentive passer-by. The skin, our largest organ, is often overlooked in architecture.

Zhao Zhou graduated in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at the KABK in 2022. He engages in the design of urban spaces by creating installations that go against the norms of public space. In this way, he evokes deviant sensory experiences in visitors, offering them an alternative interpretation of space.