Marieke van der Burg (NL)

Marieke van den Burg creates interactive installations that encourage people to play along. After exhibiting Self-Spot during LUNA Young Masters 2023 (where visitors chased a fly in a kitchenette), Marieke is creating a large version of this work suitable for the public space. In the bustling city, an unusual firefly flies around. Its bright light burns brightly and illuminates the dark streets of Leeuwarden. But his light also creates shadows. Dark shadows ready to extinguish the firefly’s light. Everyone encounters challenges and obstacles in life that make you lose sight of the light for a while. That’s why sometimes you need a little help to find your light again: put the firefly in the spotlight and help him defeat his shadows.

In 2022, Marieke van der Burg (1998, NL) graduated from Image and Media Technology Media at HKU with her work Self-Spot. In her work, she uses play to offer participants/visitors an easier way to think about and express their own emotions. She uses microcontrollers, mapping, and animations for this purpose.

photo: Tom Meixner