LUNA Collective (NL)

In May 2023, Media Art Friesland’s LUNA Collective, based in the Stationskwartier, bid farewell to its neighbours in the shopping centre on Snekertrekweg with Ajysk! Once an iconic building that housed many supermarkets and shops, now the first step towards the new Spoordok area. With the light artwork Ajysk!, the LUNA Collective mused on what was and what is yet to come. And during the LUNA Nights, they muse further. The graphic realisation of the work is by Leeuwarden-based artist Anne Fie Salverda. She drew inspiration for the visuals from the fact that for years she herself used to get her groceries at the shopping complex. Now she dreams about the past and future of this place, set to a soundscape by Marinus Groen and Anne Fie Salverda.

LUNA Collective is a changing group of team members of Media Art Friesland and this edition consists of Age Dijkstra, Jan Herman de Boer, Ryanne van der Leer-Keulen, Anne Fie Salverda, Marinus Groen, Andrea Möller, Stefan Aleksandar Jovanovski, Rob Hogenkamp and Gabe Kamphuis.

photo: Gabe Kamphuis