Visual Piano

Laurenz Theinert (DE)

Laurenz Theinert creates media art using 360° panoramic projections. To allow his work to communicate spontaneously with other participating artists (musicians and dancers), he invented the unique instrument Visual Piano together with Philipp Rahlenbeck. In it, light is made visible through mist, which fills the space, like music fills a room. As soon as visitors enter the space, they become part of the work. Slowly, familiar spatial orientation patterns disappear and a space without perceptible boundaries is created with music and light. The light shapes are created live on a modified piano.

Participating musicians
Thu 1 Feb: Nora Beyer, German composer and sound artist.
Fri 2 Feb: Phil Mills, English musician and producer.
Sat 3 Feb: Bas Metz, Dutch artist and DJ.

Photographer and performative light and media artist Laurenz Theinert (1963, DE) studied at the State Academy of Visual Arts in Stuttgart. In his work, he focuses on visual experiences that refer to nothing concrete. For LUNA Nights 2024, Theinert will install his Visual Piano in the Grote or Jacobijnerkerk.

photo: Tom Meixner