Christine Hvidt (DK)

The installation Edaphon is about the overlapping habitats of different species on our planet and the inclusion of a greater variety of life forms. Through sound, Christine Hvidt makes us aware of this diversity and teaches us other ways and of listening. Her sound installation explores the life that takes place in the seemingly silent ground beneath our feet. We listen to what lives in the soil, to the vast and diverse underground network of plants, nematodes, bacteria, fungi, earthworms, arthropods, and mammals. Hvidt’s ceramic sculptures bring out the vibrant activity beneath the surface. 

Multi-disciplinary artist Christine Hvidt (1989, DK) lives in The Hague, where she completed the ArtScience course at the KABK and obtained her Master of Music in 2023. She turns her fascination with systemic thinking and ecology into sonic attention to natural phenomena.