Traces of Memory

Zeineb Kaabi (TN)

Zeineb Kaabi presents a work with many layers. Using three projectors, she creates interesting compositions on the walls with broken glass and other found objects. The Tunisian artist bases her compositions on the places where she exhibits. The magnified projected objects are local finds, the soundscape consists of locally recorded sounds. With the magnification of both image and sound, she explores human existence, with the objects representing memories and experiences and their fleeting nature. An additional layer of holographic film gives the work an ethereal quality, where the boundaries between the tangible and intangible seem to blur. Traces of Memory invites us to reflect on our shared human journey.

Autonomous visual artist Zeineb Kaabi (1999, TN) specialises in painting, installations, and design. She graduated in 2022 from the Higher Institute of Social Science in Tunis, where she obtained her Undergraduate Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Zeineb Kaabi – Interference Young Masters El Kef 2022 (photo: Nour Elhouda Ghanem)