Mirjam Kema (NL)

Fusione is an interactive installation about becoming more aware of your emotions. What do you actually feel? Anger, joy, or sadness? Your heart lets you know. Using a heart rate sensor, Fusione records your heart rate variation when going through different emotions. The data is converted into music and made visible on the water by sound vibrations, amplified by light reflected on the surface. The installation constantly measures the heartbeat of two visitors and shows what happens when they come together. Does a joint resonance arise or not? An exciting work that makes the invisible visible, using our heartbeat as a mirror of the soul. 

Mirjam Kema (1994, NL) obtained her Bachelor of Arts from the Product Design programme at Minerva in Groningen in 2021. Her work is somewhere between art and design and deals with the connection between man, earth, and universe.