Maaike Meindertsma (NL)

The town of Blanca, in southern Spain, is surrounded by mountains. The dry environment feels natural, at the same time the human influences in the landscape are unmistakable. Maaike Meindertsma did during an artist’s stay in Spain – made possible by Media Art Friesland – short and temporary interventions in the area around Blanca. She filmed walks and movements in different places and brought them together in an audio-visual installation for LUNA Young Masters 2024, in which visitors can move along with her journey through the landscape.¬†Walks in Blanca¬†highlights how we take our place in and on the world with our bodies.¬†

Frisian artist Maaike Meindertsma (1999, NL) graduated from the Fine Art programme at Minerva Academy in Groningen in 2022. During her studies, she developed a fascination for movement and the human body. The core of her work lies in artistic research, which she visualises in installations, films, and books.