Lost in the Digital Crowd

Zoya Taseva & Antreas Frangos (BG/CY)

The interactive projection Lost in the Digital Crowd is about the abundance of information brought by the digital world. To depict the resulting addictive dopamine rush, artist duo Zoya Taseva & Antreas Frangos chose the image of a freezer full of ice creams. This delicacy produces a large amount of dopamine in our bodies, making us want to keep eating. As soon as the visitor touches the projection, the freezer will melt away and create an opening at the touched spot: our body moves from the physical to the digital world and our eye is drawn to the photomanipulations of packaging. 

Groningen-based duo Zoya Taseva (1998, BG) & Antreas Frangos (1997, CY) explore the world of interactive digital art from a joint background in visual communication and graphic design, through which they seek to form awareness around weighty subjects through a playful and immersive approach.