KOMPOST, a temporary, experimental sanctuary for image makers and sound artists in or from Friesland, aims to be a booster for sound art and visual talent that does not bend to pop structures. The participants operate in an environment where the terms sound and music, sight and image are interchangeable and create a composition that questions rather than confirms. During LUNA 2024, you can see work by the duos Mireille Muller & Christiaan Ettema, Indy Yuqian & Marciano Slager, Sarah Dekker & Joost Wierenga and David Wolgen & Olaf Rijfkogel.

No content frameworks are set in advance for the composition to be created. The location is what binds both disciplines during the residency. How the location is incorporated into the composition and how the disciplines are brought together is up to the makers themselves. KOMPOST emphasises innovation and stepping outside comfortable boundaries.

KOMPOST is a joint production of Popfabryk & New Noardic Wave.https://popfabryk.nl/project/kompost

Photo: Niek de Vries